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Watch Your Investments Bloom with May’s Flowering Moon

The final days of cold winter weather are almost behind us, and in its place comes Spring and the budding of new life. May is an exciting month for new opportunities that are illuminated and aligned with May’s Flower Moon– a lunar eclipse that occurs on May 26th, 2021.

As the full Moon moves closer to the Earth in orbit it appears larger and brighter than usual and is thus called a “Super Moon.” The beautiful part of the “Super Flower Moon” is that it signifies the coming of Spring, new life, and positive energy. The Flower Moon has many meanings and beliefs tied to it, opportunities for new beginnings and letting go of doubts and worry’s is widely celebrated.

After April showers May flowers are sure to bloom. This time is great to tend to your health and plans for the future, ensuring that later you will get the reward of taking actions early towards your financial well-being. With spring finally here and the tax season being over its time to think of the future and how to make your money grow.

Lennox Financial Group is here to help you prepare for the future and guide you through your investing journey to improve your overall financial state.

There are many ways to invest, and the skilled team at Lennox Financial Group can walk you through your options so you can have a solid understanding of how to financially prepare for events like retirement, or education costs. Financial advisors can offer you advice on the best ways to invest so you meet your goals and are here to answer any of your questions. Guidance from professionals is extremely helpful when dealing with money and planning on how to save and use it.

Here are some investment options to consider:

Investments need time to grow and bloom into something valuable. Starting to save early is important to get the benefits you and your family deserve. Opening an RESP – Registered Education Plan allows your savings to grow tax free. In the future your child can take money out to use towards their education upon enrolling in college or university. Saving for your child’s future education allows you to watch your investments grow as your kids grow. We offer more tips here on how to save for post-secondary education.

Opening a TSFA – Tax Free Savings Account is a smart move for anyone 18 years or older to save money for use in the future. Having money set aside can bring you peace of mind when it comes to financial security.

Contact us at Lennox Financial Group to get started in the discussion of our services such as setting up a RRSP account – Registered Retirement Savings Plan. Life is unpredictable, so making logical investments allows you to support yourself when you reach the age of retirement. Here we offer more tips on Saving for Retirement. Researching early on and being aware of safe investments is important to ensure you are comfortable with your finances.

Embrace the fresh starts, positive attitude and new opportunities that come forward with the months of Spring and the Flowering Moon of May. Tend to your financial well-being with help from us at Lennox Financial Group.

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