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Spring Cleaning Your Finances

The time has come to open your windows, shake out your mats, enjoy the fresh air, and start your Spring cleaning. We all know that feeling of dread when thinking about organizing the big things– putting off cleaning out the garage or vacuuming the car is a common occurrence when it feels like you just “Don’t have the energy or time.” Letting these tasks build up or go unattended can have a big impact on our mental and even physical health. So it’s important to clean our homes, get organized, and think about preparing for the future.

De-cluttering and paying attention to your financial worries is a great way to improve your stress levels and mental well-being. We all forget to give ourselves the attention we need, especially if we are frequently helping others at the same time. If you are an employer you most likely often worry for your employees' health and wellness, looking into a Group Benefits Plan is a great step towards clearing out your concerns. The professionals at Lennox Financial can help you go through the benefits of a group plan such as: the ability to offer employees group purchasing power, customizable plans which include life insurance and disability insurance, and even some tax advantages.

A Group Benefits Plan is a great way to look after employees and strengthen the bond with valuable team members, but it’s necessary to focus individually on all areas of your financing as well.

Make sure you take the time in organizing yourself and become fully aware of the things you need to put into place for a stress-reduced state of mind. Achieving the lifestyle you want means a lot of careful planning and attention needs to occur. Cleaning out old receipts and filing them neatly or looking at monthly budgeting are ways that you can help reduce clutter anxiety. A great tip to getting organized is by converting all of your paper files and records to a digital copy and saving it onto an external hard drive for safekeeping. Completing small goals like this weekly will help you in taking care of your mental health. The financial state you envision is more obtainable than you may realize. Getting in contact with financial advisors like the ones at Lennox Financial can aid you in making all of those small decisions that build up and then turn them into something beneficial for you in the future.

At Lennox Financial we want to help you through the process of taking control of your finances. We are here to guide you through plans and investments that are targeted towards making life a little easier for you or your employees. We often forget to take the time to care for ourselves and truly plan for the future, but in doing so we can improve our overall energy and health, both mentally and physically. So, bring out the dustpan, open those windows to let the light in, and start thinking about the helpful financial habits you can incorporate into your routine today.

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